• 2016 -2017
    Draft Budget Information


    Public Warning of Annual Meeting & Public Information Hearing

         The School Board warned a budget on 1/13/16 that keeps us within the cap of the Act 46 spending threshold. The increase in per pupil spending is 1.3% (the financial specifics are found in the documents below). If approved by voters in March, taxes are expected to decrease in all three towns-- most dramatically in Groton with an expected decrease there of just over $100 per 100K of assessed value. We hope that the community will be pleased with our ability to meet the cap, maintain programming, and decrease taxes. Sadly, many of the communities that surround us are seeing major increases in their tax bills. 

         This budget keeps teaching staffing at its current levels, and constitutes a .75FTE reduction in staffing overall due to changes in other areas of staffing. The budget also has money for curriculum coordination and instructional coaching. A more specific explanation will be sent out in the Annual Report.

         The budget retains funding for J-Term, Cape Cod Sea Camps, intervention services, enrichment services, etc. It also adds funding for textbooks, reading intervention texts, technology, and music. Again, our goal with this budget was continued stability for BMU going forward, while meeting the needs of the students that we serve. We are putting forward a fiscally responsible budget for voters, whilst retaining a healthy fund balance to off-set any major unexpected expenses or needs. We have also saved some of the surplus funds that were not used to reduce the tax rate to use in the FY18 year, if the cap is still in place. We want to be sure that we can meet the needs of our students. This decision was made to decrease any future tax impact despite anything that may be thrown at us from the State.

         More specifics will be mailed out to all households in the form of our Annual Report. Look for that document in your mailboxes ahead of Town Meeting Day. Go Bucks!


    Interim Superintendent Emilie Knisley