• Information and Resources Supporting BMU's
    "1:1 Computing" Initiative


         Blue Mountain Union School has begun a "1:1 Computing" program. These programs  are considered to be an educational best practice and are becoming popular across the country. In our version of the program, freshmen students will receive a laptop computer. Though the computer will remain the property of the school, students will have the laptop assigned to them for use, both at home and school, throughout the school year (returning it to the school during summer vacation for maintenance). The same laptop will again be assigned to the student each year until graduation.

         The objectives of this program include the following:
    • The promotion of student engagement and enthusiasm for learning
    • Increases in student computer literacy
    • Abatement of 'Digital Divide' (i.e. providing access to technology outside of school to those students presently without - a known issue in our district)
    • Preparation for the 21st century workplace
    • Improvements in student writing


    Parent Information Letter

    Parent/Guardian/Student Agreement

    BMU Acceptable Use Policy

    Accidental Damage Protection Brochure

    Accidental Damage Claim Form

    HP Pro Book 440 G2 Student using the new 1:1 laptop