• Math 105

    Instructor: Gail Nelson

    Math 105 (M105) becomes the culmination of elementary mathematics.  Computation will be attached to context and not done in isolation.  A great deal of work with decimal numbers and fractions will occur throughout the year involving all four operations.  Why do we need mathematics?  We need to be able to use what we know to function in the real world as global citizens and it will require an understanding of mathematics------to buy, sell, work, own, etc.
    Effort and perseverance need to come from the students; I can support the teaching and learning of mathematics.


  • Update about mathematics

    As I prepared for 'office hours' on Wednesday night, I realized that I was functioning as if I was already into my mathematics course. I realized that I start the year on 'auto-pilot' (NECAP prep) and ease into M105----my actual fifth grade math course.
    It will continue to seem a little disjointed until we finish our obligation to the testing realm. I will continue to use the released tasks, …

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  • NECAP practice

    Each year teachers are given access to released tasks from the test given that year. There are 10 multiple choice questions and 5 short response questions dating back to 2005.
    Students often see a multiple choice question and automatically think that the question should/could be answered without work. I am reviewing multiple ways of working with the infomation in these types of questions.
    I am …

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Discussion Topics

  • Homework

    Posted by Gail Nelson on 9/30/2012
    MSwA (Multiplication Success with Algebra)
    Multiplication fact practice in several different variations.  Class discussions lead to learning about properties, powers of ten, order of operations, function tables (input/output tables), etc. while continue to make multiplication facts permanent.

    Mental Math
    Worksheets request using mental math to do some basic computation work.  The practice section allows time to discuss variations as to how different students hold information to complete the mental computation.  If students need to do the math; they should do the math in their math journal.
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