• School Counseling Curriculum Focus at BMU



    PreK-6 School Counseling Program

    • Teaches guidance lessons in your child's class (K - 5) and in whole grade environments
    • Counsels with individual students and in small groups
    • Consults with parents, teachers, and other staff in meeting student's needs
    • Provides crisis management
    • Coordinates referrals to other support services in the school
    • Offers short-term individual counseling
    • Facilitates mediation and conflict resolution
    • Consults with parents and teachers

    7-12 School Counseling Program

    • Promotes academic and personal success for each student
    • Counsels students in the process of setting realistic goals
    • Develops an academic plan for each student's current and continued education
    • Assists students in making decisions regarding careers that match their abilities, interests, and values
    • Facilitates mediation/conflict resolution, and provides crisis intervention
    • Counsels with individual students (offers short-term individual counseling)
    • Consults with parents, teachers, and administration and other schools/college
    • Coordinates and assists with transition to college and career after high school graduation