• Fall sports plan - maintain your space and wear a mask  

    Blue Mountain Union School will enter school on 9/8/20 in Stage II per the AOE and VPA.  This allows for the following related to fall sports:

    1. High school sports will begin on 9/8/20. High school practices will be posted online the Friday preceding for the following week. 
    2. Middle school sports will begin on 9/11/20 and will run no more than four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Events will only be allowed on days where in person learning is taking place with the exception of possibly cross country. Practices will be posted online the Friday preceding for the following week. 
    3. Youth sports will begin on 9/17/20 and will run no more than two days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Events will only be allowed on days where in person learning is taking place.  Practices will be posted online the Friday preceding for the following week.
    4. If student athletes and/or coaches leave the facility they will be required to be screened just as anyone arriving for the first time before every practice/game. See (1a) Health Screenings - BMU Procedure
    5. Coaches are to conduct training as prescribed by the school and wear a mask throughout the entire training session at all times when physical distance of six feet cannot be consistently maintained. Coaches and student-athletes should bring at least two masks to every practice. Masks should be washed after every practice.
    6. All parents and guests of our facility will be required to wear a mask at all times when physical distance of six feet cannot be consistently maintained.
    7. All students will begin the 2020-21 school year eligible to play MS and HS sports.
    8. Eligibility will be determined by the Principal & AThletic Director per school policy.
    9. The VPA has waived the required Well Exam for participation in interscholastic sports for the 2020-21 season

    When the state moves to Stage III which allows for home and away contests, the following procedures will be in place for Blue Mountain Union School:

    1. Blue Mountain Union School will allow spectators at our games. 
    2. All coaches, players, officials and spectators will be screened with a temperature check, Covid-19 related questions, contact tracing information and mandatory wearing of a mask while practicing social distancing throughout the entire event. 
    3. A waiver, requested 24 hours ahead of time, will be issued to parents/guardians wanting to transport their student athletes to off-site, interscholastic games to minimize the number of participants requiring bus transportation. Student-athletes will be allowed to ride home from contests with only their parents/guardians after signing out with the coach.
    4. Blue Mountain student athletes taking school transportation to all away contests will be screened before they get on the bus. Anyone utilizing bus transport is required to wear facial coverings on the bus and comply with all other relevant guidelines in the most current health guidance published by the Agency of Education related to bussing and transportation.
    5. Please note that not all schools in Vermont are allowing spectators, therefore we will try to provide this information prior to the contest. Also, some schools are requesting lists of spectators attending prior to the event. We will keep people posted with this information and need your assistance in timely response.
    6. Spectators will be expected to self screen; confirming their temperature is not above 100.4 and they have not been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19. Additionally, they must not have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19? For example; cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?
    7. Blue Mountain will have marked off social distancing areas from which you can watch the game. You must practice social distancing throughout the entire contest.
    8. The away buses will not be stopping for snacks therefore players should bring snacks to eat on the bus. 
    9. Our intent is there will be a modified concession stand at contests with only pre-packaged items. Masks and social distancing will be mandatory at the concession stand.

    Sport specific spectator plan details:

    1. The current capacity for each Blue Mountain venue; Coach Ron Brown Athletic Field, Coach Gerry Piper Athletic Field, and FEP Cross Country Trail is 150 spectators. Student-Athletes, Coaches, Team Personnel, and Officials do not count towards the spectator count. 
    2. Each Blue Mountain student athlete will be guaranteed two spectators per participant as well as each visiting student athlete will be guaranteed two spectators per participant. If the limit is raised by the state admission guarantees will increase or become unessiccarry. All other spectator admissions will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Spectators must park in the main parking lot unless a handicap placard is visible. All Spectators must wear masks at all times in the spectator area.
    3. On both the Coach Ron Brown Athletic Field and Coach Gerry Piper Athletic Field team benches will be located on the further side of the field. Only Players, coaches, team personnel, and officials are allowed on the side of the field. Spectators will be located on the opposite side of the field at a minimum of ten feet from the line. Social distancing must be maintained with a minimum of six feet of separation between households.
    4. During cross country we will utilize one of the above fields and the FEP Cross Country Trail. Team areas will be designated upon arrival and only athletes and team personnel should be near the designated team areas. Spectators may spread out throughout the course or identified field, but masks must still be worn at all times. Appropriate social distance must be followed, especially at the start/finish line.
    5. Access to the school building is restricted to all spectators but portalets will be available on site. 

    The spectator plan is based on the current guidelines set forth by the Vermont Principals Association, Agency of Education, and the Governor’s office. Should you have any questions please email Todd Powers at todd.powers@oesu.org

    The decision to move from Step II to Step III will be made by the VT Department of Health and the VT Agency of Education based on latest trends and epidemiological evidence. When schools are operating under Step I of the Agency of Education’s Strong and Healthy Start guidance or if a decision is made by the local superintendent to restrict or eliminate in-person instruction as a result of confirmed COVID-19 illness in student(s) or staff, all school-based athletic activities shall cease until at least such time as the decision to resume instruction under Step II of the Agency of Education guidance for academic instruction is made by the local superintendent after consultation with the Department of Health.

    Specific Sport Information as it Stands
     Cross-Country Running -  the state meet will occur on Saturday, October 31st @ Thetford Academy. The number of meets required to qualify for the state championship has been reduced from 4 to 3. The number of participants in any meet may not exceed 150. A meet may involve multiple groupings through the day if the groups do no interact with each other. Staggered starts and departures should be considered Meet organizers must maintain a list of participant for 30 days to assist in contact tracing if needed. Schools may practice while we are in Step 2, but meets with other schools may not begin until enter Step 3 and a student(s) have 10 practices.
    Fall Cheerleading -  for us cheerleading will look very diffrent than in the past. The designation of high contact for this sport has meant we will be modifiying what we do in practices. There will be no competitions held this fall and the students will be working in outside spaces to come together and work on mutiple aspects of cheerleading that do not include stunting. 
    Football – there will be no state championships this year. Games will follow a 7 vs 7, no contact format. During Step 2, schools may practice and conduct inter-squad scrimmages. Games with other schools may not begin until we are in Step 3 and the 10 practice requirement has been met. Specific playing rules and the outline of the season will be on the VPA website.
    Soccer – soccer championships will occur on Saturday, November 7th. Sited – TBD  Please note that some championship games may be put on Friday night (November 6th) if necessary. Jamborees or tournament style play (one team playing multiple games vs. multiple opponents in a single day is not currently permitted. Tournament and rules information will be in the Soccer Guide. During Step 2 teams may practice and have inter-squad scrimmages. Upon entering Step 3, schools may begin games as long as the 10 practice rule has been met.

     ImPACT Concussion baseline testing will be done remotely for 7-12 student athletes with links sent.

    Athletics Handbook