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    Vermont AOE Guidance Spring Sports Programs for the 2020-2021 School Year  

    Vermont Pricipal's Association Spring Sports Guidance

    Return to Play After Covid-19 Infection Guidance 


    Indoor sports, especially those involving intermittent and sustained contact, pose a significantly greater risk of COVID-19 transmission than outdoor sports.  School staff, students, and their families must be aware of this increased risk and cooperate fully with all mitigation strategies outlined by teh AOE & VPA including:

    • Daily health screenings
    • Proper use of facial coverings
    • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible
    • Hand Hygiene before and after training/competition
    • No spectators at indoor events
    • No in-person team based social gatherings


    Blue Mountain Union School spring sports programs may initiate coach-led practice sessions (e.g., skills and drills work) and inter-squad scrimmages (within a school program) no earlier than April 5, 2021. (A limited exception is provided for baseball pitchers and catchers to begin coach-led practice sessions on March 29, 2021.) 

    1. High school sports will begin once approved by the Governor's Task Force. High school practices will be posted online the Friday preceding for the following week. 
    2. Middle school sports will begin one week proceeding the first allowable date (April 12th) and will run no more than four days a week. Practices will be posted online the Friday preceding for the following week. 
    3. If student athletes and/or coaches leave the facility they will be required to be screened just as anyone arriving for the first time before every practice/game. See (1a) Health Screenings - BMU Procedure
    4. Coaches are to conduct training as prescribed by the school and wear a mask throughout the entire training session at all times and when possible keep physical distance of six feet consistently maintained. Coaches and student-athletes should bring at least two masks to every practice. Masks should be washed after every practice.
    5. Eligibility will be determined by the Principal & Athletic Director per school policy.
    6. The VPA has waived the required Well Exam for participation in interscholastic sports for the 2020-21 season

    School-sponsored spring sports programs may initiate interscholastic games, meets and competitions no earlier than April 17, 2021.

    1. Games, competitions and meets may only occur between or involve Vermont-based teams and interstate teams where the school fully adheres to the AOE Strong and Healthy Start guidance.
    2. Facial coverings are required to be worn by all players, coaches, officials, staff and other personnel at all times.
    3. All coaches, players, officials, and other personnel will be screened with a temperature check, Covid-19 related questions, contact tracing information and mandatory wearing of a mask while practicing social distancing throughout the entire event. 
    4. Parents/guardians are encouraged to transport participants to off-site, interscholastic games to minimize the number of participants requiring bus transportation. A waiver may be obtained up to 24 hours in advance at request to the Athletic Director. 
    5. Spectators will be allowed at school venunes with with the capicity capped by the limits placed on events by the Sate of Vermont – currently 150 for outdoor events.
    6. Blue Mountain student athletes taking school transportation to all away contests will be screened before they get on the bus. Anyone utilizing bus transport is required to wear facial coverings on the bus and comply with all other relevant guidelines in the most current health guidance published by the Agency of Education related to bussing and transportation.
    7. The away buses will not be stopping for food and student athletes shoudl plan accordining.
    8. Return to Play After Illness - If diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, regardless of symptom severity, may not return to play until asymptomatic for at least 14 days and cleared by their primary care physician.

    Specific Sport Information as it Stands:

    Baeball / Softball may hold team practice sessions and interscholastic meets and competitions. Teams must implement measures to ensure six feet of physical distance is maintained between players not actively involved in game play. Particular attention should be given to managing dugouts, including providing alternative seating for athletes to support physical distance when safely possible.

    The spectator plan is based on the current guidelines set forth by the Vermont Principals Association, Agency of Education, and the Governor’s office. Should you have any questions please email Todd Powers at todd.powers@oesu.org

    The decision to move from Steps will be made with the help of the VT Department of Health and the VT Agency of Education based on latest trends and epidemiological evidence. When schools are operating under Step I of the Agency of Education’s Strong and Healthy Start guidance or if a decision is made by the local superintendent to restrict or eliminate in-person instruction as a result of confirmed COVID-19 illness in student(s) or staff, all school-based athletic activities shall cease until at least such time as the decision to resume instruction under Step II of the Agency of Education guidance for academic instruction is made by the local superintendent after consultation with the Department of Health.