• Interactive Media

    Instructor: Mr. Munson

Discussion Topics

  • Computers in Digital Video

    Posted by John Munson on 2/5/2016 1:37:41 PM
    There are many ways in which computers are used to make our present day movies, television shows, advertisements, and on. Do some research and then discuss here at least one way in which computers are used.  Your answer should be at least one paragraph long.
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  • First Week of Interactive Media

    Posted by John Munson on 1/21/2016 12:26:29 PM
    Okay, we're going to start using our class 'blog'. Take the time to respond in-depth to the questions posed here.

    1). We are three days into this course. How is the 'pace' of the class for you so far? Is it too fast, too slow, or just about right.

    2). How are you enjoying the class so far? What seems to be working OK for you? What isn't working out?

    3) Do you think that having strong computer skills will help you be more successful in your life? If so, how? If not, why?
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