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Busy Week - 9/10- 9/14

Student advisories came together this week for the monthly chip drop in the cafeteria.  They were met with a team challenge to start things off. This month's team challenge was a lemon eating relay race.  Mrs. Sobitzer's advisory group won this challenge and the winners plaque will be placed in her room for the month of September. 
The collection tube for the doe chips is half full at this time.  Students  are continuing  to work hard to fill the tube and earn middle school rewards.  Some of the previous rewards have been: extra recess, candy, a homework pass, field day, and Siskin outdoor days.  The students have been asked to help compile a list of rewards that they would like to see happen as well.
Thursday evening, PBIS  put on a middle school community barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks.  This time was used to explain:

  • Athletic Eligibility and the use of the extracurricular study hall
  • Details about Advisory Pods within the middle school
  • Communication with teachers throughout the year
  • History of PBIS in our school (recap of last year)
  • Targeted support for specific students
And we finished with two videos of reward days earned by the middle school.
" School climate does matter"