Update February 15

Posted by Kate Lester on 2/20/2012 6:15:00 PM

 The students had their weekly "Doe Drop" and filled another tube.  Students were rewarded with an extra recess, cookies for snack and five lucky names were drawn to receive a pail of extra goodies (including pens, pencils, and free  passes for: go to the head of the lunch line, be late for one class, and one free homework pass!).

There was also a competition between the fifth and sixth graders to see who could collect more chips in one month's time.  If the fifth grade won then Ms.Lester would have to wear a Red Sox outfit to school and if the sixth grade won then Mr. Doda would have to wear a tutu  to school.  Both classes worked together and put all their chips in the sixth grade bucket.   Be on the look out for our Assistant Principal to wearing a tutu soon!

The Golden Plunger this week went to Mrs. Fadden. Congratulations!